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Cultured Pearl

Cultured pearl can be defined as a pearl created by a pearl farmer under controlled conditions. It is one of the famous forms in pearl that is hitting the market efficiently. When we talk about pearls then there are different types of it that is being named based on it's characteristic features. The formation of cultured pearl takes place due to some chemical reaction and process kept under the same conditions. With the changing time and advancement in the technology scientist and researchers have come out with an unbound imagination for the better comfort and easy going for people. Well, the difference between Natural Pearl and cultured pearl is only that is natural pearl is the creation by nature and cultured pearl is creation with the helping hand of human and very minute characteristic change, nothing more. You might get astonished by the fact that today more than 99% of all pearls sold worldwide are cultured pearls. Although it's not a natural pearl but still it has attained much of fame in the entire world.

When you're out for shopping Cultured Pearl Necklace, cultured Pearl Earrings or if any then it's always advisable to collect some information so that any jeweler does not tries to deceit you. As the cultured pearl is not the same as natural pearls so people find it convenient and affordable to purchase man made pearls which hardly anyone of us can make out the difference. But, if you're so keen and wanting to distinguish cultured pearl from natural pearls then only by the use of x-rays you'll be able to reveal the inner nucleus of the pearl, which is the core point of difference. And just stop thinking that as cultured pearls is not like genuine pearl it is looked upon as inferior item in jewelry because the case is completely opposite of that. The beauty of cultured pearl, Akoya cultured pearl and freshwater cultured pearl is truly mesmerizing. So, why to hesitate in buying cultured pearls and that too if the same translucent beauty and luster is available in an affordable range. Yup, but as a general rule, pearls which are rarer, or which have a higher quality tend to be pricier. If you want to please or impress your girlfriend then presenting cultured Pearl Bracelet as betrothal gift would be a better option.

If you're willing to purchase culture pearl necklace or if any jewelry then do pay proper attention while buying because some dealers try to mix in synthetic pearls with strands of cultured pearls. So, if you want to cross check your jewelry item then you can scrape the surface of synthetic pearl on a knife which reveals a plastic or glass bead while a genuine cultured pearl will only produce powdery debris when scraped with metal. If you're purchasing the item through the way of internet then do to take proper step to ask for authenticity and get acquainted with the return policy if found defective so that you need not to remorse later on and also your money does not go in vain.