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Natural Pearl

Pearl that gets produced from an oyster is called natural pearl while rest of other pearls can be called as Cultured Pearl, synthetic pearl, faux pearl, of if any. Right from traditional times to till date the fad of pearl in jewelry has never gone down by which u can get the idea that in such a tremendous way pearl has gained popularity in the entire world. A pearl is a hard, generally spherical object produced within the soft tissue of a living shelled mollusk. The finest quality natural pearls have been highly valued as gemstones and objects of beauty for many centuries, and because of this, the word pearl is used for something very rare, very fine, very admirable, and very valuable. Pearls can be used in cosmetics, medicines, or in paint formulations. As all know the fact that other type of pearls that is being harvested or cultured have low value than genuine pearl though then having some lit bit flaws on it's surface or not of apt size.

While freaking out on the streets you'll come across many jewelry shops that are engaged in trading of fake or imitation pearls in cheap price but are perfectly round in shape and nice luster too. Imitation or fake pearls are also widely sold in inexpensive jewelry, but the quality of their iridescence is usually very poor. The originality of natural pearl can be identified by the experienced jeweler so as to bifurcate the types of pearls according to it's attributes. It is easy to make out the difference between natural pearl and fake pearl whereas it becomes very much difficult to know the difference between a natural pearl and cultured pearl. In natural pearl the layer of nacre is found to be very thick than the cultured pearl. It is always advisable to possess the knowledge of pearl before going any shopping mall and purchasing such expensive jewelry item. Well, you cannot say that a cultured pearl is not a Real Pearl. Yup, it's not a natural pearl but it is a real pearl that is for sure and the truth need to be accepted by all. With the advancement in the technology, scientist and researchers came out with new method like cultured pearl of producing pearls to meet people's demand and to bring out something that is creative and appreciated on the same terms like pearl. The shell of the mollusk called the Mother Of Pearl' is used to nurture the cultured pearl.

If any buyer want the test for the verification of natural pearl or real then it becomes the duty of a jeweler to follow all necessary test required for the satisfaction and to impart knowledge between real pearl and faux pearl. The cultured pearls can be distinguished from the natural pearls by imposing X-ray beams. Common method would be to scrape the surface of the pearl to distinct the kinds of pearl. By presenting betrothal gift like pearl will surely make her more adorable and eye-catching.