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Pearl Earrings

Pearl is the gemstone which is largely used in making and designing jewelries. Pearl Earrings are the most beautiful jewelry for any girl or women. Fashion world has kept on using Pearl in different kinds of jewelries. The demand of the pearl has increased after many celebrities have flaunted them in the form of different jewelries on different occasions. As we all know that Pearls are produced or formed in an oyster, they are precious stones. Pearl earrings have been used since ancient times to adorn the beauty of our face.

Pearls are Natural Pearls and also Cultured Pearls. Natural pearls are the pearls which are naturally formed into the oyster; this process is a very lengthy process. The cultured pearl is also produced in an oyster but in artificial conditions. In this process, a stone is artificially entered into the oyster and the process of conversion of stone into a pearl starts. It is very difficult to find natural pearls, cultured pearls are used at a large scale because the demand for the pearl was more then the short supply of natural pearls. While making cultured pearl, the quality of the pearl is not harmed, it remains intact.

When we talk about the Pearl Earrings they are amazing and lovely. Pearl Earrings are available in many different designs and styles like the hoop, dangle, drop, studs, etc. They all look nice but the best style of Pearl Earring according to me is the Pearl Stud Earrings, they are just brilliant in their style and look. The Pearl studs can have the metal base of gold, platinum, white gold, silver, but the best metal base which would look perfectly stunning would be White Pearl on a yellow gold metal base. The yellow gold base would give a perfect sparkling shine to the pearl on the stud. The pearl dangle earrings would also look great, if one has the right face and the right hairstyle for those pearl dangle earrings.

Pearl Earrings would also look great in platinum base also but it would increase the price of the Pearl Earring and it could not be termed to be more attractive metal base then yellow gold. The cost of the Pearl Earrings depends upon the quality, size, and weight of the pearl and on the metal base of the earring. Pearl is also available in pink and black color, so you could go for any of them if you want. To check whether the Pearl is real or fake, you could go for the Tooth Test. In this test you have to rub the Pearl against your teeth and if it feels rough then it is real and the fake pearl would feel to be smooth when rubbed against the teeth.

So now you have the perfect knowledge about how to make a brilliant choice in Pearl Earring, so you are just left to buy the perfect Pearl Earring for yourself. No doubt that when the party people will look at you, they will praise your stunning and beautiful looking Pearl Earrings, so just get ready for the night as you had planned and just see the magic spread all over.